The Pig Health Service
The Pig Health Service was set up in 1965 in order to support the fattening and breeding farms in finding solutions for the health problems which occur in their herds.
Since the 1st of January 2005, the Pig Health Service (German abbreviation: SGD) is part of the business of SUISAG. As a modern competence-centre for pig health, it completes the branches of breeding and artificial insemination in a ideal way.

Aims of the Pig Health Service

The advice and health service promotes the production of quality certified food, by means of preventive measures that facilitate the building up and the preservation of healthy, animal-suitable and productive pig herds.
The Pig Health Service creates optimal conditions to avoid disease outbreak, as well as spreading-out and carrying-over of economical relevant or human pathogenic agents.
The efforts made by the Pig Health Service in collaboration with the Veterinary Offices have shown to be very successful. As a result, the Swiss pig herds have reached a good healthy status. The respiratory diseases such as the enzootic pneumonia (EP) and actinobacillosis are combated as epidemics. Most of the herds are therefore free of economical important illnesses. At this time, whole Switzerland can also be declared as being free of Swine fever, Aujeszky’s disease and PRRS. The fight against zoonosis is successful; according to current studies, the frequency of salmonella in the Swiss porcine population is very low. From 2008 on, a monitoring system, in agreement with the EU, will be introduced.
  Regular farm visits and intense collaboration with the veterinaries supervise the health status of the swine herds. The farms on which the health status satisfies the SGD–Directives receive a registered SGD–Status, called AR-Status for the nucleus and multiplication herds and A-Status for the piglet production and fattening farms.

The services proposed by the Pig Health Service are completed by different offers concerning further training of the pig breeders (work-shops, conferences, publication of professional articles).
The SGD being a centre of competence for the pig health offers a professional contact point for the pig producers which helps to make a rentable business out of pig breeding and fattening.  
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