Artificial insemination (AI)
SUISAG and the two AI-centers in Knutwil and Wängi offer a extensive semen-supply of different breeds.

The insemination centres of SUISAG take over exclusively animals who arise from PRRS-free herds for which, during the past 12 month, no reportable disease (according to the current amendment of the Law on the epizootic diseases) has appeared and for which no prohibitions for health reasons have been stated. The sire producing farms are attached to the Swiss Pig Health service and show a SGD-status AR or A. Before they are taken over into AI-quarantine, the animals are examined directly on the producing farm for the Aujeszky’s disease (AD), classical swine fever and brucellosis. During the following quarantines, these examinations are repeated and extended to check also the transmissible gastro enteritis (TGE), leptospirosis and porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome (PRRS). The insemination sires in the AI-centres are tested every year for the diseases mentioned above. A further control is made in the slaughterhouses as the boars are eliminated. The producing farms and the AI-centres are clear of all the above-mentioned diseases.

The entire genetic offer is split up in a sire-line for producing piglets intended to fattening and a dam-line for the production of remount-animals.

Splitting-up of the sire-line AI-boars in different performance classes

The boars PREMO® of the Large White sire-line are broken up into three groups. The meatiest animals are assigned to the group “meat” and available in the two assortments FleischTOP and FleischPREMIUM. The boars with the best daily gain are assigned to the group “growth” and classified into the two assortments ZuwachsTOP and ZuwachsPREMIUM. The remaining third is offered at a standard price. The splitting up is decided in function of the breeding values related to the genetic evaluation. The lean meat content is used for the group “meat” and the daily gain is used for the group “growth”. Boars which show good results for either characteristics can be assigned to both groups.

The AI-boars of the coloured breeds Duroc, Pietrain and Suisgen are available in two assortments ColorTOP and Color.

The TOP-boars have passed the end-product testing in test farms and in slaughterhouses and belong to the most reliable sires.

In the dam-lines the best AI sires are classified on the basis of the total breeding value and about 50% match to the class Elite.
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Genetic offer


for the production of young sows

Large White
Fertile and long-living sows
Excellent teats
Robust legs and feet
Best maternal instincts
The Swiss dam-line boar for the production of young sows


Swiss Landrace
Outstanding maternal instincts
Fertile and long-living sows
Excellent teats and healthy legs
The ideal Swiss dam-line boar for production of PRIMERA® young sows


for the production of piglets for fattening

PREMO® Swiss Large White sire-line
Fast-growing and fleshy fattening pigs
Homogeneous carcasses
Fantastic meat quality
Large AI offer
The quality-reliable Swiss end-product boar


Fast-growing fattening pigs
Reliable meat-quality


High level of lean meat content
Little fat deposit
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