Breeding Program
Suisseporcs is the official breeding association of the Swiss pig breeders. On behalf of Suisseporcs, SUISAG is responsible for the administration of the herd-book, the carrying-out of performance testing and the estimation of breeding values.

On the maternal side, the Swiss breeding program works with two dam-lines, Swiss Large White and Swiss Landrace. The remarkable features of both breeds are the excellent reproduction traits: Both of them are best suited for producing fertile and long-living F1-crossing sows PRIMERA® with good teats, sound feet and legs as well as excellent maternal instincts.

Swiss Large White
Swiss Landrace
On the paternal side, the Swiss breeding program lays upon the Large White sire-line. This line is essentially used to produce terminal sires. The boars PREMO® of the Swiss Large White sire-line are characterized by high fattening performance, an excellent meat quality with an ideal concentration of intramuscular fat and low drip loss.

PREMO® Swiss Large White sire-line
About 160 herd-book farms with 10000 Large White, 1300 Swiss Landrace and 300 Large White sire-line sows form the basis of the successful breeding program. The genetic improvement is guaranteed thanks to the good performance testing, (reproduction data, ultrasonic measuring, linear description of the morphology, testing-station for sib testing and with central boar rearing) and the use of modern breeding instruments (SuisInfo-data base with all performance and pedigree data, BLUP-breeding value estimation, centralised mating-planning, genetic markers). The breeding program is continuously controlled on the production level by testing the IA-boars (terminal sires), on the basis of the performance data on the crossed end-products, collected in the testing station and the slaughterhouses.

The different performance tests and where they are measured
The Swiss pig population has attained a very high sanitary status. Taking into consideration quality traits as one of the breeding aims, for more than 20 years, the Swiss swine production has reached a international pole-position in the matter of meat and fat quality.

Research and development (R&D) are very important to the middle- and long-term success of a breeding program. In the field of genomic analysis, SUISAG takes part in the German Association to promote Research in Biotechnology (Förderverein Biotechnologieforschung (FBF)) and collaborates with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich for many years. In the domains of carcass-, meet- and fat-quality there is an intense collaboration with the Swiss College of Agriculture and the Swiss Research Station ALP. Moreover, SUISAG works on specific projects with other national and international institutions.
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